Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to increase traffic and sales. Search engines like Google use complex algorithms, which consider many different factors before ranking a page to determine how useful it will be for any given website user’s search query. Search engine users are looking for high-quality results within fractions of a second, so Search Engine Optimisation is essential for any online business.

Every Search Engine has its Search Engine Optimisation factors that contribute to the rank of a particular website. However, some common Search Engine Optimization techniques include:


Search engines place more value on websites with high-quality content relevant to specific keywords or phrases. Search engines will also display results that are well-structured, readable, and include keywords. Search engine optimization is about ranking high in Search Engines because Search Engines consider your website to be relevant for certain key phrases or words.


The number of incoming links to a particular page can impact the Search Engine Optimisation ranking. Search Engines consider links to your web page from other reputable and relevant websites as a sign of trust, which works well for Search Engine Optimisation.

Keyword Density

Search engines place more importance on keywords often appearing in content rather than how many times they appear (this is why Search Engines like Google do not like keyword stuffing). Search Engines place more importance on keywords in the body of your website, so make sure you include them naturally.

User Experience

Search engines will rank websites with good user experience higher than those with poor user experiences. Search engines love fast-loading sites that are easy to navigate and use professional design elements that draw users to the most important content.

Social Engagement

Search engines consider how much engagement your website has with social media, so make sure you stay active on Twitter and Facebook and invite users to share their favorite posts or articles. SEO can be a powerful tool for businesses to help them increase customers online.