Discussion List FAQ - General Questions:

This document was prepared as a result of feedback from members on the Orchid Talk Discussion List and may be amended from time to time. Please review carefully.

Q  Is this Discussion List a web forum?
A  No, it is a mailing list. You cannot post directly to the website. You must subscribe to either the list or digest before posting messages.

Q  How do I post messages to the Discussion List?
A  Compose an e-mail message and send it to
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Your message will automatically be forwarded to everyone on the Discussion List.

Q  Can I send pictures of my orchids to the list?
A  Yes, but please make sure they are of a reasonable size e.g. 100Kb per message. See the Attachments paragraph on the Subscriber Information page for details.

Q  Why do I seem to miss some of the messages occasionally?
A  This can mean your mailbox is full and your ISP is not accepting any more messages. Make sure your account is not over quota. Although this list is not excessively busy a low-limit email account is not really suitable. Alternatively, your ISP may be blocking the list's ISP because someone else has used the same ISP to send SPAM. This draconian attitude is particularly unhelpful and comcast.net seems to be one of the worst offenders. If you can 'whitelist' Orchid-Talk, please do so.

Q  Why do my replies sometimes not appear on the list?
A  Possibly the person to whom you are replying has set a 'Reply' address in their email program. This over-rides the list server and your reply is sent directly to the original poster, not the list. Please refer them to the Guidelines page of the website for instructions on how to solve this problem.

Q  Is there an archive of the group messages?
A  Yes. To access the archive, visit the archive section of this website.

Q  I visited the archive section but the latest messages were not there. Why?
A  This is a one-person operation, and sometimes life gets in the way! The archives are prepared and uploaded as frequently as possible but inevitably there will be periods where there is a longer than ideal gap between uploads.

Q  Is there a moderator for the Discussion List?
A  No, the Discussion List is not moderated in the sense that it is not always possible to review messages before they are posted. This means that occasionally you will receive a junk mail advertisement or other off-topic message. All genuine messages should contain the [OrchidTalk] identifier in the subject line. Treat any messages without this identifier cautiously.

Q  Does this mean there are no measures in place to control spam?
A  Every effort is made to prevent spam and malware getting on to the list but occasionally some may get through. Subscribers are strongly urged to install suitable anti-virus/anti-spam software and to update it regularly i.e at least weekly but preferably daily. If there is an auto-update feature, switch it on! The list owner cannot be held responsible for any spam or viruses which may occur.
See note below

Q  How can I set up my e-mail account to place messages from the Discussion List in a special folder?
A  All messages from the Discussion List will have
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in the "To" field
and [Orchid Talk] in the subject line. You can use these facts to filter all mail from the Discussion List into a special folder. The following instructions tell you how to do this using Microsoft's Outlook Express (Windows version). The procedure should be similar for most other e-mail programs:

(1) Open Outlook Express. The left side of the screen will list your mail folders. Right-click the mouse on your "Inbox" folder and choose "New Folder" from the pop-up menu. Name the new folder "Orchid Talk Discussion" and click "OK". This has created a new folder named "Orchid Talk Discussion" inside your Inbox.

(2) Choose Tools->Message Rules->Mail from the Outlook Express menu. Hit the "New" button in the window that opens. This opens a new window where you will choose the rules for your new filter. Under the heading "Select the conditions for your rule", check the box marked "Where the To Line Contains People". Under the heading "Select the actions for your rule", check the box marked "Move it to the specified folder". Under the heading "Rule description", click on the words "contains people". Type in the name
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Click the "Add" button and then the "OK" button. Under the heading "Rule description", click on the word "specified". Click on the folder "Orchid Talk Discussion" from the list of folders and then click "OK". Under the heading "Name of the Rule", type "Orchid Talk Discussion Filter". Click "OK" twice to close the open windows.

After following this procedure, all incoming mail from the Orchid Talk Discussion List should be moved automatically to your "Orchid Talk Discussion" folder, so you can open this folder to browse through all Discussion List messages at the same time.

Q  How do I unsubscribe from the Discussion List?
A  To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to the usual address with either Unsubscribe or Signoff as the subject . This will trigger the server to remove your name and address from the database. Unless the correct subject is used the message is treated as an ordinary posting to the entire group!

Q  I did this but I'm still getting messages from the list. Why?
A  If you have more than one e-mail account, it is important that you send this e-mail from the account that is subscribed to the Discussion List, otherwise you will continue to receive the Discussion List messages even if the server's auto-responder has sent a message to say you have been unsubscribed. Try again, making sure you use the address with which you originally subscribed.

Anyone whose e-mail address is stored by someone else who is not using suitable anti-spam measures is likely to have it discovered by spammers and
(a) to become a target of spam and
(b) to become a purported source of spam (known as spoofing) unless they take the most stringent precautions.

The latest PC malware/viruses trawl the hard drive, looking for email addresses, *everywhere*, not just in address books. Anything on the hard drive that could be an email address is used, just messages from the list with the senders email address in them are enough.

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