Thinking it might perhaps be of interest, here is my system explained.

I have three water tanks for spraying - all swing-top kitchen bins. Two large - one for nutrient/water mix to be sprayed on growing plants, one for just water (rain, with a dash of disinfectant) to spray on plants not in growth - which corresponds to what happens in nature. The third and smaller one is for chemicals of whatever kind, e.g. insecticide etc, where I want to minimise the amount I mix up, use, and waste.

PVC-pipe+control-valve.jpeg - 35Kb Each tank has a tube dipping into it with a foot valve/strainer at the bottom - essentially a one-way valve to kjeep the system full and the pump primed. All of these are plumbed together and to the pump, via isolation valves, all done using 32mm/1 inch bore PC irrigation pipes with glued joints. Of course, only one valve is in the open position, according to what I want to spray.
Pic shows my shortest lance - I prefer a longer one, like 1 meter approx, to get right up into the roof and soak the plants hanging up there. For that purpose the rose is replaced by a Fogg It nozzle assembly with three jets. They used to rate them as 1 or 2 GPM but those figures always were a bit notional, and they only seem to make 1 now. Amazon USA will supply them. Expensive, but last a lifetime. All the other bits and pieces come from LBS, but no doubt others would supply. lance-etc.jpeg - 118Kb
DAB-pump.jpeg - 38Kb The pump is a DAB - I almost said of course. They really are the industry standard for clean water pumping of this kind; I just googled them to see that they are still around, and I have to say that I am shocked to see how much the smallest one costs now - I think mine was about ⅓ of that price, which shows you how many years service it has done!

The outlet is taken via the same large pipe to the centre of the greenhouse; then the hose length is halved as compared to putting the pump by the door. I use inch hose to carry the volume and pressure I like - and again, this lasts my lifetime as far as I can see - can't say that for any ½ inch hose! Since I have two paths, I prefer a hose in each rather than trying to move it across and almost inevitably damaging spikes or plants. Here it is in action spraying:-

Spraying.jpeg - 88Kb

Of course I do realise that all this setup is far too big for many growers - but I do have 12 hanging lines crowded with plants, and I also spray a bench of house plants, ferns, begonias etc, which I use with orchids in my home, and my small collection - maybe 50 or 100 masdevallias etc - all of this, twice daily in the recent heat wave, once daily now, and maybe 4 or 5 times a week in winter. A hand pumped sprayer just would not be practical.



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