REVERSE Osmosis Machine Instructions and Test
31st May 01.

Connect the larger diameter black hose to the mains supply water – Your plumber will need to provide a 10mm connection , and use the hose-clamp supplied.
The white RO cylinder can be fixed on a wall etc, using the large clip supplied.
The small diameter tubes – red and blue should be led into suitable collection vessels
( buckets etc ).

Turn on the water (fully) .
Then turn on the small valve on the blue outlet pipe to a small extent.
RO works on high pressure and low volume. So only a fraction of a turn.
With Severn Trent water at Minchinhampton , having an EC of about 480 , I opened the valve on the blue pipe by about one sixth of a single turn and the results were as follows :-
EC of water flowing ( dripping slowly) from the blue pipe = 50
( By comparison, clean rain from a clean glass or Welsh slate roof will be about 20)
EC of water flowing ( dripping more rapidly) from the red pipe = 580

About 3 litres of water was collected from the blue pipe in about 3-4 hours, and 7-8 litres from the red pipe .

The red pipe water is perfectly ok for damping down in the greenhouse, or for use in the garden, house plants etc, or even for any other use ** – at times , my own mains supply has a higher EC than 580 , depending on which reservoir is connected. Of course if you are not on a water meter you can even let it run into the drain.

** I would not use for drinking because of the possibility of bacteria building up in the cylinder when the water is turned off , and some remaining inside goes stagnant – but RO units are used to provide pure drinking water in some hospitals subject to periodic sterilisation.

NOTE . If you turn on the valve for less extent, say an eighth of a turn ,you will collect less from the blue pipe and more from the red, but the EC will be lower ( purer) from the blue. Similarly , if you turn on the valve further – say half a turn, you will get say equal quantities of water from both , and the purity will be much less from the blue pipe.

The blue pipe water at an appropriate setting – which depends on the actual pressure you have, and the water supply you have , can be so near to rain-water that you can treat it the same when adding fertilisers – up to an EC of maybe 500 in the summer, and a lower figure - say 350 in the winter.

You will certainly start to see better results in growth within a couple of months.