Orchid Talk Cultural Hints & Tips.

Growing Media, otherwise known as compost
A brief commentary on the various growing media useful for orchids

Powered sprayers
A description by Geoff of his watering system involving electric pump and lances in preference to hand pumped sprayers for plants grown on mounts.

Home Orchid Flasking
A detailed account by Cedric Maunder

Calculation of glazing costs
The table produced by Geoff when costing out his proposed new orchid greenhouse, comparing the cost of various materials.

Greenhouse benching
A description, with photos, from Geoff showing the construction of the staging for his new greenhouse.

Reverse Osmosis
The report of a test run by Geoff on the "cheapie" Reverse Osmosis kit which Simply Control sell

Feeding orchids
Various feeds used for orchids

Conductivity meter readings
A compilation of information sent in to the list about the recommended levels of feed for various orchids, as measured with a conductivity meter.



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