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July 1—7

From: Horace Geoffrey Hands
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: A couple of pics.
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2015 13:15

Just back from torrid France, 34 degrees C in the queue to board the ferry at St.Malo on Tuesday , and the boat delayed by tech’ problems so that we sat there in the car for 3 hours, unable to escape the queues because of the several hundred other cars etc surrounding us on all sides, or run the engine so as to enjoy the air-con…

However, all well with the orchids when I got home, to my considerable relief .
Here is my Disa collection today :-

Housed in an Access wall frame − I have explained my set-up before. It is working well, but they are growing rather 'hard” − and I have decided to make some changes, to see if I can get better growths etc.But I am quite happy with this flowering.

This is Epi prismatocarpum − which I think is a very pretty orchid. There is quite a tale to it ; I bought the plant about a year ago, labelled as Zdg Calico Gem 'Green Valley”. I thought ( mistakenly) that Zdg must be the abbreviation for Zygonera − those Zygopetallums bred in Oz which hava lot of apple green in them − Adelaide Queen is one I have seen before. But when I looked it up, Zdg is an Oncidium type intergeneric .
When the plant flowered it was clearly none of the above, but I did recognise it, although it took me a couple of days to think of the name, and check it out.
I’m very happy with it − I did not have this species in my collection , and I have been looking for a good one for years. So I have given it the varietal name ‘Bonne Chance’ ( having a head full of french, after a couple of weeks in Aquitaine etc. ).



From: John Dennis
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] A couple of pics.
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2015 21:05

Tremendous progress with your Disa's, Geoff. You need to take more holidays! Which you may be able to arrange, because your Disa's alone, don't need you to stick around. I guess that the freezer full of water consumes more energy than it would with the lid on, but far less, once it is down to temperature, than it would with nothing in it. As a matter of interest, have you measured the electricity consumption?
By the way we went to 35 Deg. C here on the 1st of July.

Your other photo is stunning.
John D


From: Peter Fowler
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Disa in flower
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2015 17:25

Here are a few pictures of my Disas that are in flower at the.
The small plant with two buds should be D. uniflora yellow form.
There were no Disas at Hampton Court because Dave's plants were behind in flowering and he had to be pull out.
Peter Fowler


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