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April 8—14

From: Horace Geoffrey Hands
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: a few piucs.
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 20:40

Pleione Berapi ‘Purple Sandpiper’ . My best potful of Pleiones so far. 5 bulbs , two produciung a pair of flowers ,m a good colour, and well held. A few of my new acquisitions are flowering quite disappointingly − flowers not at all well held, and only lasting days. Still, I can blame other folk’s culture for that, I guess , and only have myself to blame if they do that next year !

Paph hirtussissimum . A favourite species which had either dropped out of my collection or got into poor condition during my troubles ; this plant was acquired last year as a replacement, and proves to be a nice form .

Coleogyne lawrenceana. Grown by the late Colin Carter I think − he was a Coel. fan and expert. Came to me via plant sales at my club. A large flower − maybe 5 inches across, and my plant has at least ione oither bud ; I’m not sure how well it could do − or will do for me ; it’s one with good spacing between bulbs, which I always find difficult to grow . Do I give it a large pot ? In which case it will never dry out ; or do I let it hang out, and have no roots in the pot ? Probably grow mounted, but that means a raft, and I find that difficult too…

Masd. hirtzii x decumana. Mazzie fans will recognise both perhaps − hirtzii merely contributred colour, and making the flower less attenuated, more rounded. But I do like to see flowers bigger than the plant or pot. Needless to say my mazzies are saying thank-you to me for turning the stat down ! I came home today to find the temperature 30 in the greenhouse, and another mazzie ( actually a dracula) which I was intending to try and snap was definitely objecting, and the flowers , opening all the week, and in perfection this morning, were going off. Maybe they will recover over night.



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