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April 1—7

From: Richard Baxter
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Odontoglossums
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2015 10:10

You are absolutely correct, Geoff, about the demise of those UK nurseries which produced good crosses. If there is no supply there can be no customers. Looking through the McBeans list pre anticipated nursery closure there were quite a few abut at extremely high prices which is more of a risk when buying unseen. There were some very special plants in the list up in the £2,500 price range. Even travelling around Netherlands/Germany, the nurseries say that Odontoglossums are no longer commercially viable.
Very strange really, because being cool growing in these times of high energy prices one would think it would increase popularity. So, Equagenera and Peruflora sometimes bring a very few in to the big shows but those are mainly species which maybe those of us who are interested have already in our collections.
I do know from my contacts in America that there is still an enthusiastic group over there. Indeed, the Odontoglossum Alliance still exists which demonstrates that fact.


From: Horace Geoffrey Hands
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Just a few pics
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2015 20:30

This is Octomeria gracilis , a genus in the laeliniae. The species name may not be right − Jay’s encyclopaedia shows a pale lemon flowered version and says this one is distinguished by the straight leaves − and mine are distinctly curved. But that’s as near as I can get ; clearly the genus is right, and the section ( the terete-leaved ones too ), and it does not resemble any of the others in the section which I have been able to find. Sometimes flowers for more than one year from a cane/leaf. Not a giant of course − flowers maybe ½ inch across. A cheerful thing .

This is Pleione Whakan . Smallish flowers but an interesting colour. Almost the first ( Pleione of the season) to flower for me, but so far the only one of maybe 5 bulbs to get this far − the others are merely shoots which may or not be buds − in the same pot.

Pleione Tongariro . My first flower of the season. Again there are others in the pot, not quite as far advanced.

I don’t seem to have much else in flower − we ( Bournemouth Soc) are showing at the London EOC, and I will have difficulty finding plants as my contribution. One good cymbidium perhaps − all the rest going over or gone ; a square yard of Den delicatum/kingianum which I though t would be good, but all going over now ; a lot of Oncidium hybrids, but I doubt if any will be out until later in the month , and when I say a lot, I am counting spikes which may well be good for Malvern a couple of months later , if they have not gone over by then. And maybe a few draculas and Masdevallias , but they hardly make a display stand. WQell, that’s life.



From: Tony Garthwaite
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Emailing: Pl. Krakatoa.jpg, Pl. Starbotton.jpg, Pl. Quizapu Peregrine.jpg, Pl. Melbury Christine Walker.jpg
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2015 13:55

Nice photos of the Pleiones Geoff, Here are the first four of my
Pleiones to flower this year. They are all in cages which I built to keep
any rodents out! Did you remember what happened to Maren's collection a
couple of years ago?!! (Heritage Orchids) ....or did I read that ratty story
on the S.R.G.C. Forum?

Anyway, I'm interested in how Pl. Krakatoa matures as it is not quite as we
remember the bulbs which we lost a couple of years ago, much more 'lemon
yellow' than we remember!
Time will tell!

By the way, how is your wife progressing after the op?


From: Horace Geoffrey Hands
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Emailing: Pl. Krakatoa.jpg, Pl. Starbotton.jpg, Pl. Quizapu Peregrine.jpg, Pl. Melbury Christine Walker.jpg
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2015 19:45

I had not heard that ( Maren’s plants getting ratty ); nor of SRGC − have had fun devising meanings for that-( perhaps 'Some Really Georgeous Clones” is the most flattering…

I love your Krakatoa − quite a novel colour scheme. Must look out for that one next time around !
I have Shantung 'Ducat” out − a paler yellow than I recall from many years ago, but the best presented flowers so far -and two per spike as well. Many of the others are not well presented − I think the compost had got too dry , them being in a cold frame from early January, and getting quite warm on sunny days, and with a fan heater keeping it above 3 degrees C on cold nights − the fan heater being rather drying. I have sprayed everything once or twice , and will have to start watering − albeit with a teaspoon -a bit sooner than otherwise, I think.

My wife is slowly progressing. She is generally well, and does not get breathless quite so quickly when we are out, but still only for for say 250 yards at a slow pace before she needs a chair. So we have to work hard to think of things she can do , especially for holidays . At home I am still housekeeper, cook, bottle-washer and laundress among other things , and I can’t see that changing in the future. She is coming with me to the EOC in London on Wednesday, and we are staying at a hotel virtually next door to the show but only staying a couple of nights since we are limited in what she can do when we are not at the show, and there are not too many seats at the show itself, so when she has had enough I’ll walk her back to our room, and then double back to spend a bit longer whilst she watches tv or whatever. Maybe we will take a taxi to the national gallery, or something similar, but there again, she will on ly be able to enjoy a stay of quite limited duration.

But hey , its summer in my garden ( 20 deg.C to day in the sunshine) and I spent the afternoon repotting stuff, working on my greenhouse steps in the sun. One of my favourite things !



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