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June 1—7

From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: A few more pics from me.
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 20:00

A few pics from my collection:-

Disa uniflora 'Red River' − I showed this a week ago, but I was struck by the improvement in the flower when it had been open for a week and thought worth showing again. Now bigger too. Will be a handsome lad if and when I can grow it up to a potful with a few flowering stems, but I note that apart from the flowering growth there is only one other, and that is very small. However, I may see some more after flowering.

Paph. Julian . Only two flowers, but welcome. These big multis can give more − 5 is very good , and not often seen ,3 or 4 more usual.. My plant lost at least one growth in the holocaust, and is now single growth only ; but its nice to see the flowers. Natural spread here is 6 inches − the lateral petals are about 4 inches long.

Another holocaust survivor ia this Naka. Joyce Hands. I can see that one leaf at the top is black ( heat damage) and I guess the growing point was killed . But a ne growth has started at the base, just visible in the pic.

And now a couple of new acquisitions this year − Masdevallias . The first is M dimorphotricha − thgere are actually half a dozen spikes in the 3 inch pot . this is from the section where the spikes usually carry several flowers , but in a first flowering after making that journey from one hemisphere to the other it has not yet settled down.

The other is M. staalianaa :-

I gave myself a day off from household chores today and spent a lot of time in the greenhouse. It is good to see new growths on so many things, new roots on some of the vandaceous things which have all been at a standstill for 6 months after my problems, and good too to see most of the new acquisitions settling don to make good growth.



From: Bill Haldane
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Current Flowerings
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2014 09:35

I too find it difficult to differentiate between Thunia alba and T.
marshalliana, but do not find T. alba difficult to grow.
The only other Thunia I have is T. 'Gattonensis' which looks like
flowering next week. It is always later than T.alba. I am growing them
in my ?'intermediate' section with a minmum of 15C.
I am going to the Malvern Show and will be looking for any other Thunias
Regards Bill

On 28/05/2014 13:18, Geoff Hands wrote:

> I have never understood the difference between T.alba and T.marshalliana.
> Maybe there isn't any, or maybe they are often confused or wrongly
> labelled. A friend in Bournemouth O.S. Who grows terrestrials extremely
> well, finds marshalliana impossible to grow well. Do you gave any views
> about these things, Bill ? I used to grow them (thunias in general)
> fairly well, but they never liked it when I turned up the 'stat to suit
> my then collection of cattleyas and vandas. The few remaining may perk up
> now I am again growing cool, and I shall certainly look out for these
> lovely white species whatever is the right name.
> Geoff


From: Geoff Hands
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Current Flowerings
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 13:15

I shall miss Malvern this year, as we have a grand-daughter getting wed then. I was "asked" -and how could I refuse, to grow some pots of flowers for the reception tables. It turned out that 75 pots were wanted − and I did 90 to give spares. All 9cm : I raised nasturtiums, tagetes, impatiens, escholtzia, pelargoniums, lobelia, in plug cell trays, and squashed three plugs, taken at random, into each pot. Most are in flower now.
I must say that stuff is a lot easier than my usual plants, and very rewarding too.



From: Bill Haldane
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Current Flowerings
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 19:00

Sorry I won't see you at Malvern but I am sure you will have a good time
at the family wedding.
Well done with the table flowers − nice to be reminded that in contrast
orchids are meant to be a challenge.
Best Regards Bill


From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Bletilla striata − advice ?i
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 20:05

I expect everyone knows this ; at one time popularly known as the
Woolworths orchid , but we are getting to the point where people will
say Woolworths − who are they ?

When I concentrated on cattleyas a few years ago, I put a struggling (
overheated , probably) 5 inch pot of this in the garden. It/they
flourished. About a dozen flowering spikes last year, and this year
about 20 growths; it has spread to occupy a patch perhaps 15 or 18
inches across. I think it loved the rain last year !
But a nearby shrub rose also loved the weather and has now spread to
overshadow the Bletilla ; so only 2 or 3 flowering spikes now.
I think I will dig it up, replant half in a more open spot in the
garden, and bring some into the greenhouse. But when − that's the
question. Not now, obviously. At the end of the growing season ? Or
when it starts again next year ? Or85..?

Any suggestions, advice, appreciated.



From: John Dennis
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Bletilla striata − advice ?i
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 00:00

I grow the Bletilla striata in a raised bed, where it gets a lot of sun and like you, mine has spread rapidly in a couple of years. This year I had over 20 spikes and last year about five. I would dig it up and divide as required, just before the leaves drop. This would make it easier to locate the rhizomes.
I guess that you will keep it in a cold greenhouse over winter down to about 2 Deg C. I think that it would like the same treatment as Cypripediums.
I hope that this helps.


From: Horace Geoffrey Hands
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Bletilla striata − advice ?i
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 12:20

It does, thank you John.



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