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1—7 December

From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: [OrchidTalk] Wanted ; Cymbidiums
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:35

A word of explanation first ? My collection has suffered somewhat over the last couple of years due to neglect because of health issues with both myself and my wife.
Things are improving, and I have been spending more time with them again; I have got the plants clean again, eliminating the widespread pest infections , but now disaster has struck. Returning from a few days away I found that the ’stat had failed and the boiler stuck on, with an inside temperature of 42 C. The damage is far more than I could have expected. Maybe in the winter, the plants are not hardened against heat in the same way as they are in the summer. Sufficient to say that I have already thrown away upwards of a hundred soggy blackened dead plants, and expect to throw away hundreds more , maybe as many as a thousand plants . I will not keep ones which are alive but badly damaged , such as leafless cattleyas with no obviously living roots − at my age I don't have the luxury of a long timescale to try and nurse them back to showbench size and condition

I did at one time in the blackest despair contemplate the unthinkable − giving up orchids. But the habit is too deeply ingrained . I can't imagine life without my plants ( or my garden, come to that). If a time comes for me to go into a 'care-home", I shall use a plastic bag over my head instead.

So, I decided to use this catastrophe as an opportunity , and indeed kill two birds with one stone.
I have turned the ’stat down. I now have the right temperature for cool-house orchids − Cymbidiums ( and maybe pleiones too ! ) and maybe I can rediscover other favourite orchids which have only languished, or been a pain in the neck trying to please in my higher temperatures.

Which brings me back to cymbidiums.

I am specially (only ! ) interested in good or high quality cymbidiums. These are likely to be awarded varieties , and I do have room for standards as well as what we used to call miniatures or novelties.

Ideally divisions − when you divide up and repot in the Spring, maybe ? I shall want to put them into my own compost too , so bare-root at that stage would be fine.

I am not begging ! I do expect to buy!

Maybe bear me in mind, or e-mail me with offers now or offers for the Spring ?


ps this will explain why you have not seen any pics from me lately − currently I have just half a dozen plants ( out of 2000 + ) in flower , none good enough to even think of taking to the table show at todays Society meeting. The house displays are provided by phallies and cymbidiums bought at the local garden centre.


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