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April 15—21

From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: London Show and other matters − no pics included − see message about this at the bottom of the page
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 19:55

I went on Friday. Collected some nice plants pre-ordered from
Ecuagenera, and found a few other things of interest here and there.
Big disappointment was a pre-order from a Taiwanese outfit (Ching Hua
Orchids) who send me list of goodies every month. I did not fancy our
CITES fees, and asked if they were coming to a show − and they said
London. Amazing !.

But they did not turn up. Whether they ever intended to I don 't know.
But the next morning I read my e-mail before setting out to pick up my
walking mates − my turn to drive − and I was leading the walk too − and
an e-mail said I could collect the plants from Ivan on the Ecuagenera
stand ! There was no way I could get to London in view of my
obligations, and frankly I did not want to waste the time and spend the
money on the fare and ticket a second time ! i suggested that they hand
the plants over to one of the trade exhibitors who know me, for me to
collect − preferably Ratcliffes ( as the nearest) or Burnham , but have
had no reply on that ;maybe they want my money first .

The walk by the way , was a disaster all round − it started to rain
after the first mile ( we had 20mm of rain in my rain gauge by the time
I got home ) so after 9 miles we all got pretty wet ; then someone
slipped and ( possibly broke an arm), in the car park at the end of the
walk ! and there was a problem about who would drive her car back to
Christchurch ( and whether her/their car insurance would cover them ,
and who would take her to Salisbury Hospital . After all the panic I
got home and found I had (probably) left my expensive walkers sat/nav
GPS device on the ground somewhere in the car park ( UKP35085.).
I climbed into a hot bath to get warmed up, and gave my wife all my
clothes, and she noticed a banging sound in the washing machine, which
turned out to be my mobile phone. It seems they don't wash very well (
thank goodness it was only a cheap and cheerful job, not a smart phone !
) .

But today I unpacked my purchases from the show nd was pretty pleased
with what I had got . I can't send you pics at the moment − have not
been boring you all with the Mac saga , and in fact am getting on with
it quite well, but I haven't cracked iPhoto or Aperture, which seem to
download my pics and then eat them. After a lot of messing about trying
this and that in the past months, I decided life is too short for all
this nonsense, and I had to bite the bullet with Photoshop, and
currently am at the end of a one month free trial of CS6 ( which seems
miles ahead of CS3 in many respects, although so far I am only lightly
skimming the surface) ; I have bought the CS6 App − found someone
selling it for UKP200 off the Adobe price , for a full set , discs
included. It seems to available for another UKP100 off if you accept a
download only ; but I have to admit that I am waiting for delivery so
that I can put the activation code in, wondering if I am going to get

However with the CS6 I made a set of pics of the plants I bought ( those
in flower) plus half a dozen other interesting things in flower in my
greenhouse at present, but I can't find how to send them as attachments
in a way which works. ( I have "solved" the problem several times, but
when I send the email to myself and try and read it on a Windows PC −
which I assume most folk here still use, I find that the file can't be
opened − in the last case it seemed that the files were sent as jpg.dat
files ( a new one on me). So if anyone knows the answer to that, I'll be
much obliged . Otherqwise its back to the classroom − I think I shall
have to work my way through some sets of video gtgutorials or something.



From: Richard Baxter
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] London Show and other matters − no pics included − see message about this at the bottom of the page
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 13:05

Sympathies, Geoff.

First re the RHS show − I went on Saturday and was quite disappointed.
Probably shall not go to that expense in future. I asked at Kings X for m
usual underground return to Pimlico and was told I did not want that but
instead I needed a one day railcard to travel anywhere on Zone 1 all day
UKP7.30, but if I insisted on a once off return that would be UKP9.20. Ho

As for Mac, mine was secondhand but there were settings on there I could
access so last week I did the brave thing and completely reformatted the
disk, downloaded Mountain Lion afresh, and shot all the stuff from my
Windows PC down into the Mac. Took an elapsed 18 hours, but everything
looks fine now. The proof will be in the using. Unfortunately I have lost
Photoshop CS5, because they insisted that I upgrade to CS6 first, then us
their Mac compatible transfer of licence along with leaving my Windows
version − in all, almost as much as purchasing new again. I am reviewing
what to do next. I tried Lightroom some time ago but could not get on wi
it, but they do have a PC/MAC jointly compatible version. Maybe I shall
bight the bullet and reduce to Elements 11 for MAC while leaving CS5 on m
Windows machine because, as you say, occasional amateurs like me only
scratch the surface of the full CS. So long as I keep RAW I shall be fine
Sorry you will not be coming to Sheffield in July, but hope to see you so
other time.


From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Fwd: ta few orchid pictures.
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 20:35

These are four of the plants I bought in flower from London. Typical Chantelle plants - superb flowers, but roots jammed into a polythene cup, in which the plant had been grown, and the roots in poor condition. But they do recover quite quickly, if the old sphagnum moss is teased out, and they are potted up soon - actually I have put all these on branches - my latest craze.

Some more pics, if these are delivered OK - I am a bit worried by the file size sending them like this, but its the best I can do , so far.

The oldie - Oda Bradshawiae . A cross between Cochlioda noexliana and Odm crispum ; when it is listed in Kew "Newspeak" it has to be Oncidium Bradshawiae 1907 - to avoid confusion with Oncidium Bradshawiae 1903 which involves two quite different parents.

Two pics of Slc Hsiang-Yu Re Pearl "Red Dragonfly"- now a CTT ( I can';t remember what this is an abbreviation of, but it means that the old Cattleya aurantiaca, now a Guaranthe, is in the parentage.,

Rather a different one - a spotty. I like spotties, but they always come at a priceŶ This is CTT Siamese Doll "Kiwi Fruit" - a curious clonal name !

Bepi Femme Fatale, more correctly known as Eyv Femme Fatale since the parentage is Brassavola and Encyclia , not Brassavola and Epidendrum.

Slc - or CTT Little Hazel



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