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April 1—7

From: Kenneth Bruyninckx
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Akerne Orchids 2013 newsletter
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2013 10:25

New orchids

In our February newsletter we introduced to you our offering of compact,
free-flowering and fragrant 'Waran' type Cymbidium hybrid mericlones, since
then we have added a number of exiting species to our webshop.

Paphiopedilum from the Brachypetalum section: bellatulum, concolor,
godefroyae and niveum.
Longtime favourite Dendrobium like annae ( the blood-stain orchid ),
mutabile and thyrsiflorum, the vibrantly coloured, miniature Dyakia
hendersoniana, selected Neofinetia falcata and Sobralia divisions from our
private collection and many others.

Please note that Sobralia divisions are ofen to large to ship so pickup at
the nursery or an orchid show is prefered.

Show Season

In April, we attend the RHS London Orchid Show, London, UK followed by the
18º Mostra Internazionale delle Orchidee in Monte Porzio Catone, Italy.
Pre-orders for plants and RAIN MIX ® for the show in London are accepted
until April 8th and for Monte Porzio Catone until April 15th.

Shipping Season

As soon as the weather allows it we start shipping plants again, until
further notice we can only ship supplies and RAIN MIX ®.

Kind regards,


Kenneth Bruyninckx

Akerne Orchids

Laarsebeekdreef 4, B-2900 Schoten, Belgium

tel. +32 (0)3 651 40 36



From: Peter Fowler
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Dry NZ Sphagnum Moss
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 17:35

Just bought another 2 Disas. They tend to come just with the roots with damp
moss around them.
Where can I buy a reasonable block of the dry NZ Sphagnum Moss from ,please.

My Neo's require repotting as my Disas in the future. My only Paphiopedilum l
ikes the compost and throws up multi new growths. My only Odont. species is d
oing well in it.
I don't push the compost with any vigour , when repotting. Just bang the pot
a few times on the table. Maybe the growth requires a small cane to stop it
tumbling over.
But I need to buy some new NZ Spheg. Moss.
Peter, Alton.


From: Tina Stagg
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Dry NZ Sphagnum Moss
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 19:15

I get my NZ moss from Peter White: peter.orchid@sky.com


I have three pots full of disas of various sizes but didn't have time to
repot in the autumn so they are a bit crowded in old compost. Hopefully, two
or three may flower.

All my lycastes, laelias, cattleya types, dendrobiums and some other bits
and bobs are thriving in moss and perlite but they do need repotting every

Best wishes


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