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April 8—14

From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: My latest pics.
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2012 17:35

My latest pics.

Coelogyne Memoria W.Micholitz –AM/RHS and also AOS. Named for
one of Sanders great collectors who introduced so many Vietnamese
orchids (among others) to the west.One should not say
'discovered' I think. When I went to Victoria Fallssome
years ago I was accosted by a local, who button-holed me to say very
firmly that David Livingstone did not discover the Falls – all
the locals knew about them, and indeed their fame had spread through
much of Africa long before we ever heard of that continent ! Very true !
Back to the coelogyne. Grows very well in hydroculture and very badly (
for me) in anything else. 5 inch flowers ; only thing about it is they
mark very easily, and the plant has to be removed from the greenhouse
when flowering starts ( if the greenhouse is as humid as mine).

Dendrobium nobile var Cooksoniae. Peloric , not sure I like it, after
all !

The whiskery plant is a smallish reed-stem epi' E.carifinerum or
maybe its cariniferum – in fact I'm almost sure it is.
Sometimes flowers for more than one year per cane.

The apparently large yellow one is Octomeria juncifolia ( I think)
– bought as O.gracilis . Flowers actually about 1/2inch across
– this genera usually repeat flowers on canes for many years.
What a nice habit

Lastly my Renanthera citrina flowering again with more flowers than ever
– about 55 flowers and buds now. The fourth flowering in maybe
27 months. !.



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