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1—7 October

From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Query
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 09:10

BTW I did not see Gordon s original message some bugs in my
cyberspace perhaps.

Nitrite is not useful and in excess can be quite harmful I had
problems with it in the water where I lived in Worcestershire in the
early 80 s and had to go to Reverse Osmosis to strip it out of the
tap water .( I could not collect rainwater for various reasons
cement tiles on house, no gutters on greenhouse and no easy way of
providing...) it came from all the fertiliser that the farmers used
my house was in the middle of the cabbage growing belt of the Vale
of Evesham, and they poured nitrogenous stuff on the ground like the
drunken sailor with his pay , and the tap water came from bores....

The late Bob Dadd told me that RO was my answer , and explained the
chemistry of the nitrite to me , which I now forget, but the answer
is that nitrate is good ( in moderation ! ) nitrite bad...

As to ammonia, of course it is just N and H − but it is extremely
alkaline, and pH balance is important. I don t know anything about
Nutrafin, but my view is that you want to take stuff out of water,
not put in more chemicals ; if they are ionic, you run the risk of
pushing the EC high and getting leaf scorch or worse.



From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Plants Plus
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 12:10

Does anyone have knowledge of Roger Bowden ?
I asked about plastic baskets and hangers – which seemed to have disappeared from his web-site , but have had no reply.
If he is away or something, I’ll wait , but if he is another recession victim I’ll need to look further afield – of course Janet Plested used to be a source, but she too has gone .



From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Aerangis jacksonii
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 14:20

I bought this several years ago from Lawrence Hobbs when he sold the
plants acquired from a deceased grower . Then a single growth. Since
then I have moved it about, changed the compost etc, several times, but
ended up in bark/moss and a basket, growing hung up but on the shadier
side of my greenhouse.
By now three growths – the others are keikis really, but with
monopodials keikis are low down, so that they make a nice mass of plant.
Six spikes, all from the original growth. According to IOSPE, this one
has the unique feature of re-flowering from the same nodes – now
that is a feature I quite like the sound of.
About 40 flowers. They last 3-4 weeks.
Scented, so they say, but I have never got my nose near enough at the
right time – maybe nocturnal ?
Won me Best species at our show last week . Better get
the Silvo out I expect !


Aerangis jacksonii



From: Gordon Walker
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Query
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 18:05

Thanks for the info Tricia and Geoff.


From: Bill Haldane
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Plants Plus
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 18:35

Hello Geoff,
Roger Bowden still seems to be in business as I had an order from him
delivered a couple of weeks ago. His Tel. no. is 01278 786938 and Email
I am sure he would be glad to hear from you.
I do know he has had problems with his website in the past.
Regards Bill


From: Richard Baxter
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Plants Plus
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 19:15

I guess the test will be whether Roger is at Dawlish in a couple of weeks. I know he has been thinking about retiring, but I thought that would not be until next year.
Anyway, hopefully you are looking at his latest website www.plantsplus.org.uk and not his old site at pporchidbits. I have just looked at the latest site and he does have the plastic baskets in several sizes under POT SHOP identified by "net pots". I cannot see the pot hangers though.


From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Re: [OrchidTalk] Plants Plus
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2011 08:25

Thanks Richard ; I shall not be at Dawlish it has never been on my radar to get onto my calendar, and no-one ever tells me about it in the way that I get notices about Pacific Rim or Australia or Miami events !.
In fact I shall be abroad at the time. I wonder if you will be kind enough to let me know if he is there ? Of course it may be that he is away at the moment , and I shall get a reply to my e-mail by the time I am back.



From: Geoff
To: Orchid Talk List
Subject: Roger Bowden and Plants Plus
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2011 09:15

He’s been on his hols apparently. All’s well.



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